Cat intake Services (TNR)

Important: Almost every question you have can be answered on this website. If you need to email us, because we are a completely volunteer run organization, it can take a bit for us to respond, however we try our best to respond as soon as possible.   Please look around at the resources on the left and see if you can find the answer to your questions there first. This will result in a much faster response from our team, which means a faster solution for you. The best way to get TNR help is to fill out a Needs Assessment Form.  

Other questions can be addressed to specific areas of expertise at Carol’s Ferals.  See links on the right to email various teams that can help with Adoption, Volunteering and other topics of interest.

Thank you for allowing us to better serve the cats of West Michigan.

Upcoming Closures

We will be closed for all TNR intake between August 6th – August 23rd.  TNR will resume on Sunday, August 24th.  Adoption hours will be as usual.   

We accept cats for TNR vet service every Sunday-Tuesday from 6-7:30 pm.  If you are a new client and have never used our services before, please complete a Needs Assessment Form.

Note about Needs Form vs. phone calls: Due to the volume of calls we get, it could take a couple days to return your call. Filling out the above form will expedite the process and you will have your issue addressed within hours usually. Filling out the above mentioned form is for your benefit as well as ours.  

Please understand our mission:  To end feline overpopulation in West Michigan through community education and empowerment.  Our focus is Trap-Neuter-Return.  We are unable to take owner surrendered cats into our adoption program.  Any cats that come into our adoption program come in directly through TNR services.  First and foremost, every single cat needs to be sterilized.  This is the starting point.  Everything else we can do to help you help a cat is based on that beginning visit. If you have see a very sick or injured cat, please fill out the needs assessment form and only place an additional phone call if the situation is in need of immediate attention.  We are not an emergency service so we triage as necessary.

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