Carol’s Ferals is Partnering with The Happy Cat Cafe to Increase Cat Adoption in West Michigan

For anyone who hasn’t already heard the great news, Grand Rapids has a cat cafe.  YES!  We have a cafe in town that is dedicated to finding homes for former stray cats from the streets of West Michigan.

This in and of itself is quite STELLAR, but what is even more awesome is the fact that Carol’s Ferals has been chosen to partner with Happy Cat Cafe to supply all the cats that will hang out with you while you drink your delicious beverages.  This is quite possibly the best thing since fresh brewed coffee!

The Happy Cat Cafe is located at 447 S Division Ave in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

All you need to know about the cafe is here on their website

The best thing about the cafe is that even when Carol’s Ferals is not open for adoption hours, the cafe most likely is.  And that means, you can get your fill of coffee and cats pretty much ANY TIME YOU LIKE.

Carol’s Ferals is honored to be a part of the Happy Cat Family.

Definitely make time in your day to visit the cafe!

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Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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