Carol’s Ferals to Lead Feral Cat Program at Sandy Pines

As you know in late January of this year, a cat was found on the property at Sandy Pines Resort that had apparently frozen to death in an unattended trap.  Carol’s Ferals reached out to Sandy Pines with hope of changing ideas and policies about feral and stray cats in the park.

On February 8th, Carol met with Gene (Park President), Mel (Head of Security) and Josh (Marketing and Member Service Manager) to discuss a program going forward that would ensure that no more animals were harmed on Sandy Pines property.

The meeting went very well.  Carol shared her knowledge about TNR and explained The Vacuum Effect.  Plans were discussed about how things being done differently going forward would be beneficial not only to the cats and wildlife, but to the public perception of Sandy Pines as well.

After reviewing the current rules in place, a way to get the cats at the park cared for and institute a proper TNR program was agreed upon.  Carol’s Ferals will manage a TNR program at Sandy Pines effective immediately.  We still have a few details to work out, but Sandy Pines is cooperating to the best of their ability while changes to existing cat feeding restrictions can be modified to more easily provide community cat care.

Right now, Carol’s Ferals is getting a core team together that will put food in agreed upon areas throughout the park and get a set schedule in place to ensure that cats are kept healthy and fed.

It is our hope Carol’s Ferals and Sandy Pines Management can work together for the benefit of members, cats and all involved.

At this point, Sandy Pines has agreed to stop using traps on premises.

As you can imagine, Carol is very pleased with the outcome of the meeting.



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Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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