Easy way to support Carol’s Ferals without actually donating money!

If you shop at all, either online or at stores or go out to eat at restaurants, you can very easily be earning money for Carol’s Ferals.

Flip Give is an easy to use website platform that enables your shopping and dining to benefit Carol’s Ferals.

You just register and purchase gift cards in the amount of your purchases.

After that, you can either enter the gift card code into online check out fields or take a printed copy into any store or restaurant.

Because I wanted to see how simple it was to use, I registered and purchased a $50 gift card to Staples where I have to shop every month for supplies for Carol’s Ferals anyway.

And because I took that little step to set it up, now I can benefit Carol’s Ferals every time I shop at one of the retailers that work with FlipGive.

My purchase of ink at Staples brought $6 to Carol’s Ferals.

Pretty cool eh?

Just click here to begin:  https://www.flipgive.com/f/411236

You will be taken to our “Carol’s Ferals Team Page”.
Simply join the page and start purchasing gift cards to use when you’re online shopping or out and about.

Thank you for supporting Carol’s Ferals in our mission to end feline overpopulation.


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Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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