Ear Tipping

ear tip tabby catEar tipping is a surgical procedure that a cat undergoes when it is spayed or neutered. It’s a quick cut that removes the tip of the left ear. This should be done to any outdoor cat to indicate that the cat has been spayed or neutered. It prevents a cat from being trapped a second time, and put under anesthesia unnecessarily. In short, if you see a cat with a left ear tip, you can be assured that the cat is not breeding!

A Universal Symbol

In Kent County, this procedure is done by Carol’s Ferals, Focus on Ferals, C-Snip, and the Spay Neuter Express. It is also done all over the country and world to indicate fixed outdoor cats.

The procedure is done to the ear, not only because it is easily identifiable, but because the ear heals quickly and causes little discomfort to the cat.

We know it is working because we are brought several cats a month at Carol’s Ferals with ear tips, and we can safely tell the caretaker to take the cat back, because it’s already been snipped.

If you vet needs help with this procedure, please send them this guide from Alley Cat Allies.

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