The Ten CATmandments

Fixing cats is sort of a “religion” for us at Carol’s Ferals.
So if you are going to be utilizing our services to help you with community cats, it’s important that you adhere to The Ten CATmandments.

First CATmandment:
Thou shall fix all cats in your yard / farm / colony and provide ongoing care.

  • We are here to fix every single cat.
  • Leaving even one cat unfixed will undo the good you have done by fixing the others.
  • We will guide you to capture the hardest to catch cats.

Second CATmandment:
Thou shall utilize equipment ONLY to bring us cats or help cats via TNR.

  • Cats must be fixed and returned where they came from unless another option is discussed with you by a member of our TNR team.

Third CATmandment:
Thou shall fix pregnant cats.

  • We must perform a safe/humane spay/abort on pregnant cats to circumvent yet another litter from coming into this already overpopulated world where cats are being killed by the thousands every year.
  • We can show you the stats.
  • Click here for more information.

Forth CATmandment:
Thou shall return equipment in a timely manner.

  • You have two weeks to bring us at least one cat.
  • From that point, we can discuss strategy for getting the others in a reasonable amount of time.

Fifth CATmandment:
Thou shall request experienced guidance from us when trapping is difficult.

  • There is not a cat you can not catch if you are vigilant and utilize our experience.
  • Ask for it.  That is what we are here for.  We know all the tricks.

Sixth CATmandment:
Thou shall not “dump” cats in areas other than where they were trapped.

  • Leaving an an animal without providing adequate shelter / care (food/water) is cruel and illegal in Michigan. Click here for more information.
  • Cats that are simply “dumped” are are often killed trying to get back to their home turf.

Seventh CATmandment:
Thou shall not take feral cats to the shelter or any place where animals are euthanized.

  • Feral cats in shelters are killed.
  • The only way to help them is Trap- Neuter- Return.
  • Trap/Euthanize is not an option.

Eighth CATmandment:
Thou shall watch trapping videos before beginning a TNR project.

  • We have created 4 short videos that explain every aspect of TNR and will prepare you for the upcoming task at hand. Click here to watch the videos.
  • We know what we are talking about.

Ninth CATmandment:
Thou shall not return equipment with surface debris or cat matter.

  • We have a sanitizing protocol, but expect carriers, traps, catch cages to come back to us free of excess debris.
  • Please keep our equipment in a clean, safe place until it can be returned.

Tenth CATmandment:

Thou shall not ever give a kitten or a cat away for free.

  • Unless you know  the person very well, you are opening this being to possible peril.
  • Read No More Free Kittens for vital information pertaining to this important topic.


In order for Carol’s Ferals to utilize their energies and funding to maximum benefit, anyone we help with any single cat must be willing to follow The Ten CATmandments outlined above.

Please be aware of this before coming to Carol’s Ferals for help with a cat.

You will be asked to sign a form detailing your adherence to these policies before we begin a TNR/Rescue relationship.

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Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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