Meet My Secretary ~ Cassidy

Don Draper sure had a lot of secretaries.   I have only ever had one.

Meet Cassidy!

She’s one of my most favorite fosters ever.

One summer afternoon in 2012, I received a call about a couple feral cats outside an apartment complex off Plainfield in NE Grand Rapids.  I loaded a couple traps in the hearse and went to see who I was going to be catching that evening.

One beautiful injured black girl cat and a smaller black tween kitten.  Both were very fearful and trapping was surely going to be the only way to get the job done.  I won’t bore you with tons of details cuz I’ve told you enough trapping stories to last you all a lifetime.  Suffice it to say, we got them both.  The younger cat was not the baby of the bigger cat and never tamed down so that kitty ended up getting fixed and going to a barn home.  The adult girl was another story.  She had likely been hit by a car.  She had two bad rear legs.  I’m sure the pellets in her weren’t helping, her gait nor her willingness to trust humans.  One limb was quite bad and needed to be amputated. The other was OK to remain but was never able to be used fully.  I named her Cassidy cuz she hopped along, like well…you know.

We found she wasn’t eliminating properly in the cage.  For a while before I named her Cassidy we called her Mrs. Piddlesworth.  Her incontinence problem only affected her ability to urinate (not that that mattered) so I decided to take her home with me cuz I love an incontinent girl.  Many of you don’t know that before I was running this cat rescue, I took care of my bed-ridden mother during the last 16 months of her life. I don’t shy from elimination issues and I knew I was going to figure out something that would work well for her.  AND I DID!

I decided I could express her like I’ve seen vet techs do with incontinent cats during my visits to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, but she wasn’t super trusting of me early on and I wasn’t adept at the task and I figured rather than hauling her around to a sink and squeezing out her bladder, I could just shove a pee pad under here and stimulate her to pee just like we do for orphaned kittens when mom’s tongue isn’t available.  Viola!

That started my now 5 year run of twice daily twiddling her twat (sorry, that’s what I call it) to pee on the pad.  I have calculated the times I have done this.  I have assisted Cassidy in the pee-pee department 3,540 times (taking into consideration times I delegated the task to cat sitters who thought I was joking.  At first.)

It has become a fun bonding ritual. I sing songs while I do it.  I bring her up on my desk and let her head butt my face when I’m doing it.  We have a great time together.

Recently I decided to make a second home office for myself to better deal with all the CF stuff, so I put my desk and new computer in one of my upstairs bedrooms.  This is one room Cassidy feels most comfortable in. She’s still very shy and even when I bring her out to the living room, she hops back to safety of her office.  You all know cats love to walk on desks, get onto the keyboards and mess around with all the paper and pens, etc.  Well, Cassidy just likes being up on the desk close to her Mama and makes no attempt to be a bother.  She just puts her paw out to touch my frantically typing hands.  It’s really cute.  She’s the perfect secretary.  She takes short-paw!


The window has a western exposure so the setting sun streams in and that’s when she’s ready to go onto the floor and sit in the sunny spot.  So I bring her down, bed and all and put her where the sun shines.


There is a special bond one has with an animal when say… meds and ensuring they survive….like my 1-3 diabetic residents I have at all times.  But making a cat pee twice a day really takes the cake.  She’s my special girl.  My secretary.  The Peggy to Don Draper.  She’s my Cassidy!

And now, you all know her too!



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