Rehoming Assistance

We appreciate your looking out for community cats and wanting to find them homes. What is important to realize is that some of the community cats that are currently outdoors are just fine where they are. Once spayed and neutered, these cats are best returned to where they came from. The familiarity of their home turf and the relationship they have with other cats in their colony (group of cats living in an area) makes the R in TNR most important. RETURN!

Traffic and Feral Cats

Some people worry that cats will be hit by cars because they live to close to a busy street. We want you to know the threat of cars is greatly reduced when cats are sterilized. Neutered and spayed cats are less likely to stray from their food source once the “need to breed” is removed, along with the reproductive bits.

Animal Shelters Are Dangerous for Feral Cats

If cats are feral and otherwise uninterested in human companionship, they might be considered wild or fractious (unruly). These feral cats will be killed if put into a shelter. It’s the kindest thing to allow these cats to be who they are and stay put, living within the safety of their colony. Read why it is humane to Keep Feral Cats Feral.

Rehoming Feral Cats In Danger

If a cat or it’s colony are in eminent peril, then sometimes rehoming is necessary. If friendly we have a few options.

1. RAP  Rehoming Assistance Program
If you don’t want to take a cat to an open admission shelter where it will run the risk of being euthanized, Carol’s Ferals has created a program to help concerned cat caregivers.

2. Barn Cat Rehoming
Cats that are wild and not friendly to people belong outdoors. If they must be relocated for their own safety, then the Barn Cat Program is for you. Here is a link on how to advertise for barn homes.

3. I need to rehome my own cat
Please understand it is not within our mission to take owner surrendered cats. We are strictly focused on TNR. But if you have exhausted all other options, here are some very handy tips that we have seen used to great success.

Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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