Sponsor a Cat

If you are unable to volunteer at Carol’s Ferals and would still like to help support the 70+ cats in our facility, we have the perfect opportunity for you. You can sign up to be a sponsor!

What is the Commitment?

We ask that you commit to at least 6 months. However, you can renew your sponsorship at any time. Each month we will withdraw $25 from your paypal account.

What do I Receive?

That unbelievable feeling of helping a cat from the streets of West Michigan adapt to an indoor life and await their forever home.

But more tangibly, you will get:

  • a photo magnet of your sponsored Carol’s Ferals cat
  • a printed story of how that cat came to Carol’s Ferals
  • quarterly updates detailing what your sponsored cat has been up to

Which Cats Can I Sponsor?

Browse our Sponsor-A-Cat Gallery to choose from any of the adults currently residing at Carol’s Ferals.

View Sponsorship Gallery

More Sponsor-A-Cat Questions

What if the cat I’m fostering is adopted?

We will alert you and share their happy adoption story with you. Then, you can pick another cat to transfer your sponsorship to if you choose.

Why do we need sponsorships?

Running a 2,700 sq. ft. adoption center is costly. While we do our best to keep overhead under control, we still have rent, utilities, food and litter costs that amount to over $2,800 monthly. This does not include medication, vaccines and health care / maintenance for the cats that stop at Carols Feral’s on the way to their long awaited homes. We hope that your monthly commitment can ease the burden of these fixed costs.

Why are there no kittens in the Sponsorship Program?

Kittens that come to Carol’s Ferals are usually adopted quickly and with hope, they will not be here for a full 6 month sponsorship commitment. If a kitten reaches 8 months of age, he/she will be added to the sponsorship program.

Do I have to pick a cat to make a recurring donation?

No, you do not. We are happy to accept both recurring and one time donations. You can make those donations from the main Donations Page of our website.

Keep an eye on this page. More cats will be added as they come into our adoption program. And soon, the cats in forever foster homes will be added as well. There are about 20 of those wonderful cats.

Thank you for your interest in helping us help more cats.
The Sponsorship Team of Carol’s Ferals

Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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