The Power of Facebook: Carol’s Ferals’ $1000 / 1,000 Campaign

Since Carol’s Ferals launched its Facebook Cause and Fan pages last fall, the support has been overwhelming.  With almost 800 Cause page members and over 500 Fan page members to date, we have been able to share stories, needs, and goals with the Greater Grand Rapids community and far beyond.  Not only are people reaching out as volunteers and advocates for Carol’s Ferals, but they are spreading the word about the humane solution to cat over-population, T-N-R (trap-neuter-return).  Facebook is allowing us to educate more people about what we do – and what they can do to help stray and feral cats.

Carol's Ferals ear tips all cats that return to the outdoors - ear tipping identifies sterilized feral cats

Last fall, Carol’s Ferals needed to replace some equipment in a hurry.  We launched the $500 / 500 Campaign on our Facebook Cause page and thanks to our online friends, were easily able to raise $500 for new trap equipment and exceed 500 members of our Cause.  We were extremely pleased with this campaign – thank you so much to everyone who contributed.

With spring fast approaching, we are preparing for “kitten season” (kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth – starting in spring, peaking in late spring or early summer, and ending in fall) and getting ready to fix as many cats as possible, preventing unwanted births.  Additionally, this is the time of year where the highest number of cats and kittens will enter our adoption program.  If we find kittens who are too young, or cats that are injured or too sick to survive outside and we have space in our adoption program – we will bring them in and find loving homes for them.

One of the final litter of neonatal kittens Carol's Ferals helped in 2009. Fostered by volunteer Stephanie Meaney, all have now found loving homes through our adoption program.

With this need in mind, it’s time to reach out to our Facebook friends once again.

During the month of March, Carol’s Ferals seeks to raise $1,000 and reach 1,000 members on its Facebook Cause page.  All funds raised will go directly into the operation and programs of Carol’s Ferals and will contribute largely to our success this kitten season.

No gift is too small. See how your gift can make a difference…

$10 buys a bag of food for use at our intake facility

$25 neuters one male cat

$40 spays one female cat

$50 buys two bins of kitty litter for our adoption program

$75 buys a trap

$100 pays for one month’s worth of medicines for use at our intake facility

So please, help us meet our goal!  Head over to our Facebook Cause Page to join, donate, and invite your friends to be a part of our Cause.  We need you to help better the lives of cats and kittens in Grand Rapids and beyond.  Be a part of the T-N-R solution today!

Carol's Ferals brought Tana into our adoption program due to her eye issues. We paid to have her eye removed, and she has now been adopted into a great home.

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