How to TNR

DId you know that there are an estimated 6,000–8,000 feral cats in Kent County alone? If you have stray or feral cats in your neighborhood, it is easy to help them. It is imperative that you do more than feed them, but that you go one step further and TNR them.

Step 1: Trap

Friendly Cats
If the cat is friendly and you can pick it up, simply place the cat in a carrier or kennel.

Feral or Shy Friendlies
If the cat is feral or shy, you will need to trap the cat. If you need a trap, you can borrow one (for free!) from us.

For instructions on trapping a cat, see our easy Cat Trapping 101 guide.

Step 2: Neuter

There are many resources in the Grand Rapids area for low-cost spay and neuter. Please see our list of resources.

Grand Rapids Spay and Neuter Resources

Step 3: Return

Return the cat to the same spot you trapped it. You have done your part to control the stray and feral population!

Every female cat you fix will prevent 11,000 kittens from being born in the next 5 years!

Our mission is to end feline overpopulation in west Michigan through community education and empowerment.

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